Kay Dinsdale: SEO Consultant & Website Marketing Strategist

Who Is Kay?

I develop strategies for online marketing specialising in natural search and have consulted for and led a wide range of internet projects from small business retail and affiliate sites to international corporate brands serving the UK, US, France & Germany.

Today I tend to work more with small businesses and because I have a strong desire to see local businesses flourish I work with businesses within Tameside and Greater Manchester.

What Does She Know?

I have a business advisory background and the skills and understanding I gained contributed greatly to my now specialist area of SEO (search engine optimisation) which not only requires a knowledge of how search engine works but how best to apply that knowledge while balancing the needs of a business.

SEO's work in different ways and everyone has a view on what an SEO actually does. But to be clear, I do not 'game' the search engines; I help to ensure your website is visible to a relevant audience.

The service I provide depends on your needs. My skills are wide and varied, I am experienced in: